The Near Future

Can you translate the near future sentences below? Have a go in your head then run your cursor over each phrase to check:

I am going to buy
You (s) are going to watch
She is going to sleep
He is going to cry
We are going to share
You (pl) are going to find

We use the near future to talk about things which will almost definitely happen in the future.

Construction: aller + infinitive

Je vais manger - I am going to eat

So all you really need to know is the conjugation of 'aller' in the present. Then chuck on any infinitive.


Je vais

Tu vas

Il / elle / on va

Nous allons

Vous allez

Ils / elles vont 

 + manger, aller, regarder, boire etc....

They (m) are going to swim

Now do the quiz

Copy and paste these characters into the quiz if and when necessary:

 à â é è ë ê î ï ô ù û ç

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