Translation - Les Fêtes

Try translating the following into English then move your cursor over each sentence for an example answer. Then use these to help you translate the text at the bottom into French.

Chez nous on fête toujours le Nouvel An
At our place we always celebrate the New Year
C'est une occasion de bien manger
It's an opportunity to eat well
Avec mes amis, on aime se retrouver en ville pour fêter le Nouvel An
With my friends, we like to get together in town to celebrate the New Year
Je m'entends bien avec les voisins qui habitent dans la maison à côté de chez nous
I get on well with the neighbours who live in the house next to ours
Nous sommes croyants alors avant de manger nous prions à table
We are believers so before eating we pray at table
À Noël je pense aux moins chanceux qui dorment dehors et qui n'ont rien à manger
At Christmas I think of the less fortunate who are sleeping outside and who have nothing to eat
Personnellement j'adore quand la maison est remplie de guirlandes et autres décorations de Noël
Personally I love it when the house is full of garlands and other Christmas decorations
On passe toujours un moment inoubliable
We always have an unforgettable time
On se dit, 'Bonne Année'
We say 'Happy New Year' to each other

At our house, celebrating festivities is very important. It is an opportunity to get together and spend time as a family. At Christmas everybody comes to our house and we share a big meal. We eat turkey and then we give each other presents. Sometimes we invite the neighbours. We also go to mass and pray for the less fortunate. It is unforgettable. In our family we like to celebrate Easter too, however, I think some celebrations have become too commercial, such as Valentine’s Day. I hate it when the shops are full of Christmas merchandise in November.