How to use this website


Have a pen and paper handy when you watch the videos. First the video will explain something and may introduce some vocabulary. You can use the link to Quizlet to learn the vocabulary. Learning the vocabulary BEFORE watching the video will make things easier.

Once a grammar point has been presented there will be some sentences with a picture stimulus for you to translate. You will need to hit pause after the initial sentence has been presented in order to give yourself a chance to jot down the translation.

Hit pause

Jot down your answer

Hit play



Some of the rounded buttons will lead to quizzes. If you are having trouble getting the quiz to work properly on your device then you need to open it up through a DIRECT LINK.

Important rules for the quizzes:

  • The quizzes are NOT case sensitive

  • Spellings must be correct

  • You need to use accents where necessary

  • You MUST print out the score and feedback sheet at the end of your quiz

  • You may take a quiz as many times as you wish before finally printing your sheet

  • You will never need to enter your email address - just a recognisable name

  • Be gentle with the 'next' button or it may skip a question!

You can get accents on apple products very easily. In Windows use the accent codes sheet by hitting this icon:

Make sure you print the FULL report and put it in your file.